Hello Friends!

Long time no post! I'm hoping you all are doing well! So much has happened since my last post (which was November 2012!!! What????). 

As some of you may know, I am an actress pursuing my dreams in South Florida. Year 2013 was all about that! Auditions, training, lessons, performing, teaching and so on! It was an awesome year, and I was blessed to meet and work with so many indescribably talented artists.

So what does 2014 hold? Well, I've been working since January and my current show closes mid-April, but after that I've plans to continue working on a project of my own creation! I'm very excited about this and how so many things are falling into place. I'll keep you posted as more develops.

Additionally, my mom and I opened up an Instagram shop! (A shop on Instagram? Who would have thunk it?) It's called Hello Again Shop, and if you ever want to check it out, find us here or search "HelloAgainShop" on Instagram. 

Also, we have a blog that is quite fun! Check us out here for recipes, DIY crafts and such!

And of course, I'll be working on Sea Lillie! I'm currently updating the shop and hope to have it fully polished by Summer Time! Until then, check it out and see all of the "fresh picks" available this season! (Even more coming soon!)

Thank you so much for sticking around. I give you a cyber hug for being a good friend! And as an added bonus, please enjoy a special discount!

*** drum roll please***

Enter coupon code "BLOG50" at checkout to see savings! :)

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!