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Weekly Gratitude

It's that time again. . .

1. Family = Built in support team
Just a few of the many people I am blessed to call family:
Photo courtesy of Aby Nelms

2. God's gift of healing and restoration in many relationships.
See why here.

3. Preface: I work in Homeowner's Insurance in south Florida. Can you just imagine what this week would have been like at work?!?! I am thankful that the hurricane did not hit us, but am fully aware it is on path that will affect thousands. Let us pray.

How this did not hit Florida, only the Lord knows.

4. The many people in my life who continually love me for who I am and have patience with me. Specifically my sweet Ryan.

5. My lil bro, John Michael, and his wife of 6-months live on Luke AFB as he is currently serving as Crew Chief in the Air Force. Last night he called to say he has been ordered to Osan AFB in Korea. 
He is excited and I am, too! What an opportunity! :)

Oct 2009: San Antonio, TX
Ain't he just the cutest?

How was y'alls week?
Happy Sunday, friends.
xoxo Nicole


Relationships 101

this week 
has been very much in and on my heart.
it's something so simple yet an important heart matter i often disregard.
maybe someone can relate: 
you have a relationship where you know things need to be said but you can't find the words to say it . . .the ones where you either need to confront or apologize, yet your pride gets in the way.

i had that experience this week. by God's grace and Holy Spirit alone was I able to have that conversation. what if I hadn't tried to submit my feelings to the Lord beforehand? I can assure you things would have continued to deteriorate. as i rehearsed the conversation in my mind, i always began it by accusing the other. 
needless to say, i am thankful for the lesson of humility.

don't let a grudge or words said in the past have a hold on you. 
allow Love to overcome the anger and hurt. 
allow you heart to be changed, to become humble.
the alternative is just.not.worth.it.
"why put off tomorrow what you can do today!"
our lives on earth are but a fleeting mist compared to Eternity. . . 

which then leads me to my next point:
 the importance of having those solid relationships that help point out the areas of our lives we struggle in and need to work on.
(in a loving way, of course.)
this topic has also been on my mind as of late.

in college I had an accountability partner.
one of my dear friends, jenna, asked me to enter into this relationship with her during our last year at PBA. 
Each week we would discuss & pray through the challenges we face in trying to live a Christlike life including our goals and relationship issues (we were both engaged at the time). 
It was a blessing to have that kind of accountability at the time and I am saddened to tell you it's something I haven't kept up with 100% since jenna & i departed from one another 4 years ago. 

if i can say one more thing and then i'll step off my soapbox, it's this:
ladies and gents alike, 
get an accountability partner.
they are essential and worth the time & effort.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
James 5:16
jenna & i on my wedding day
photo courtesy of robert madrid

we'd love to hear of any experiences you may have in these areas!
xoxo Nicole


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charity:water in Mr. Antolino's Class!

For those of us down here in Florida, school starts on Monday, August 22nd. As some of you may recall, my husband, Gino, is a middle school science teacher. (And I'll refer to him as Mr. Antolino for the rest of this post, because I think it is so cute.)

Mr. Antolino has been very busy this week preparing for the new school year. He asked if I would help organize his desk and all of his supplies. And since I've been known to organize paperclips and pens by color, I gladly accepted the challenge. Another to-do he had on the list that he wanted me to tackle was a bulletin board in his classroom he has dedicated to charity:water. And this was the task I was very excited about!

charity:water (if you haven't heard) is an awesome non-profit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. And another awesome thing? 100% of public donations directly fund water projects. (They have a separate private group of donors that take care of operational costs.) Please check them out! They have great videos and resources, and an awesome store! (I love the tees!)

Gino- er, I mean- Mr. Antolino has the great ambition of motivating his students to fund a water project this year. His class has their own charity:water Campaign. You can donate here, and it will add to their class goal. Again, 100% of donations directly fund water projects, and you can track Mr. Antolino's Class' progress!
Students with a mission!

Now onto the bulletin board that will inspire 120 students to band together and work towards helping other students across the world gain access to clean, safe drinking water...

I spent a few good hours searching through Michael's, Staples, and Walmart for inspiration and materials for an interesting display. I finally settled on aqua blue paper as the backdrop; and instead of just a regular paper border commonly used for bulletin boards, I decided to use some wired ribbon to add some texture- and hopefully add a water effect.

Stapling wired ribbon to create "waves"
The charity:water bulletin board in progress...
I printed up some posters and photos (courtesy of charity:water) and stapled them to the board. Finally, I cut out water droplet shapes and popped them all over the board. 

Mr. Antolino's charity:water Classroom Bulletin Board!

So... nothing too fancy (and I still need to add one more picture in the empty spot on the left), but I am proud of the 2-hour labor of love! And so is Mr. Antolino... maybe he'll do the dishes tonight! :)

All silliness and cute bulletin boards aside, please donate to an awesome cause. $20.00 alone can give one person clean, safe drinking water. See the need. Get inspired. Spread the word. Join the campaign. Show Love.

Have you ever had to create a bulletin board, sign, etc. to motivate people to join a cause? Do you have any advice on other cool materials I could use for future displays? Have you heard of charity:water and the awesome stuff they are doing? And just as cool, have you heard of the great people that are sacrificing their birthdays in hopes to build wells for those in need?



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Kaela & Nicole