summertime & the livin is easy

welp, summer is two weeks away. 
what does that mean for me, a happy resident of sunny south florida?
here's a little glimpse:

a wardrobe consisting of sun dresses everyday. (to work of course)
early beach days on the weekends (the heat is the worst after 12pm)
a weekend getaway to a st. augustine b&b.
father's day celebrating these extraordinary men:
Paul (kaela's daddy)
Mike (my pops)
(who also happen to be entrepreneurs like their daughters)
endless BBQs w/ loved ones.
air conditioning.

what are you doing this summer?
please enjoy these lovely images as they sweep you away into lazy summer dayz.
i think the z is necessary, it being about summer and all.
it makes me want to quit my day job and play all day!!

all images via pinterest

ps- turtle necklaces coming soon! yipee!


  1. just bought my first sea lillie necklace as a gift - but if you have turtle necklaces coming soon i think i will be buying my second necklace for ME!

  2. the fruit looks so yummy! I'm wearing my sea lillie necklace today!