What we've been up to...

we promise to try to get better at this blogging thing,
but it has been such a busy year so far!
here is what we've been up to during our hiatus between holidays:

sea lillie:
donated a hefty sum to The Give Life Project
{big thanks to everyone for your support!!!}
we are switching over all of our chain to gold & silver-filled 
{rather than gold & silver-plated}
new spring pieces soon to come
spring sale coming up
Family Photoshoot - Sea Lillie makes a special appearance

had some crazy & fun substitute teaching experiences
started directing the easter play at her local church, grace fellowship
shaved zoe her cat to look like a lion

made a long overdue trip home to georgia
ran a half marathon at disneyworld
got bangs

we are so excited for SPRING and will also be having a SPRING CLEAN SALE:
including hair clips perfect for the summertime
check back soon for details!
we will be sure to be more communicative &
please leave us comments! we love to hear from you!


feel the love.

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