Spring forward... anthro-style (plus a little secret!)

It is officially April. Spring has ruffled its feathers and has decided to stay for a bit. And what comes to mind other than Spring Cleaning... Easter, bouquets of yummy-smelling blooms, charming bunnies with fluffy tails... and of course the beautiful spring collection from Anthropologie!

Just got the new spring catalog in the mail and jumped online to check out the full collection. 
Nothing wrong with a little "window shopping."

Some of my favorites...
Anthropologie April 2011

Have you found something that you've been oodling this spring? Perhaps a pair of shoes, a new novel, a lovely flower to add to your garden? Think fresh. Think clean. Think spring!

Perhaps maybe even a delightful design by Sea Lillie? 

Little Secret... with all this Spring Cleaning, there is soon to be a stupendous Sea Lillie SALE! But you'll have to wait one more day for all the details. Can you stand the suspense?


  1. can't wait to hear about the sale!!

  2. More details will be posted shortly! :)