twigs & honey

So I stumbled upon this little treasure... twigs & honey.
twigs & honey has the most beautiful bridal hair adornments. Each design is whimsical and romantic with a hint of vintage flair.

These beautiful accessories make me dream... I imagine myself in a soft, flowing gown standing under oak trees dressed in Spanish moss with the love of my life, my darling husband... with of course the most  beautiful twigs & honey hair design propped ever-delicately atop my head...
Not only does twigs & honey create beautiful accessories, they also have a fragrance collection as well, which I'm eager to catch a scent.
You can learn more about twigs & honey here and you can follow their blog as well!
If you are planning a wedding, indulge... if not, dream along. 

Feel the love.
sea lillie

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  1. Those are absolutely beautiful. If I were to ever get married again (vow renewal of course) this is something I would look it to. So much has changed in the last 8 years. Thank you for sharing.