An ode to my mom

This is an ode to the most beautiful woman I know... my mom.

She has been there for me through thick and thin, sacrificing like crazy... all for love.
She is always thinking of others,
and won't sleep until she knows that you have everything you need.

She's very silly and can always make me laugh- even when I don't want to.
Her smile is beautiful.

Me and my mom

She's extremely supportive, giving, patient, thoughtful, and kind. She's my #1 Sea Lillie fan. She always tells me I'm beautiful, even when I first wake up in the morning and haven't washed my face yet. Her kisses and hugs are sweet. She is love.

Isn't she pretty? My mom and little sister, Kortney

And most importantly, I learn the love of Jesus through my mom's love
for me, her family, her friends, and complete strangers.
She loves the Lord and has a pure hunger to know Him more.
If I could be anything like my mother, I would be honored.
She is my best friend. I love you Mom. :)

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