Weekly Gratitude

nicole started a little series of posts called
i agree with her that it's important to reflect each day on
all the big things- and small things
given to us by the Creator.


1. i am thankful for our family and friends. they give me support and advice when i need it; they give me laughter and joy, and appreciate my silliness. :)
2. for the awesome Sea Lillie meeting that nicole and i had last night.
we have such wonderful plans for the upcoming seasons,
and we are so excited to see how the Lord will use Sea Lillie.
3. my beautiful husband who supports me in everything i do
and always points me to Light.
he is my rock.
photo by aby nelms

4. all of the creativity that our Creator endows us with.
here's a treasury of wonderful artists.
"rib-tickler wool hedgehog millie" by lorinichols
5. my beautiful boxer pup, juniper, who is teaching me a lot about
patience, discipline and diligence.
Juniper, 8 weeks
what are you thankful for?
please share with us!

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