Back To School Contest

"Back to school, back to school.. to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool"
Yay for contest time!
It's been so long since we have done one, 
so what better time to do this than for

Thankfully Kae & I no longer have to go back to school, 
but then that just means no glorious 3-month summer breaks :)
For those of you that do, but even for those that don't 
we propose this contest:

Please share your best/worst/most embarrassing moment
at school.
There are no limitations.
Just make us smile, or laugh, or cringe.
The winner will be chosen via random.org
on Wednesday, August 3rd.

The prize is this:
Mums in Khaki Tan Gold Hair Pin Set

A wonderful accessory for the new school years' wardrobe!
I LOVED Back to School shopping..
Getting new supplies and bookbag..
I'm getting old. :)

Good Luck to all!

P.S. - Sale coming soon & TONS of rich colorful items for FALL!


  1. Most embarrasing moment in high school: Shooting the basketball in the opponent's hoop right after half time! I never lived that one down!!

  2. My moment is a best, worst, and embarassing moment. It's best because I was a dance captain for The Singing Christmas Tree, a Christmas Pageant at church that I loved being a part of. It's the worst because while I was teaching some choreography I walked backwards off of the stage, fell 6 1/2 ft. and broke my elbow and my wrist. It's embarassing because I was a theater major and I became known as the girl who couldn't "break a leg" but was fully capable of breaking an arm.

  3. These are hilarious! We loved them. Thanks for sharing.