Bucket List II

This is a follow-up to Nicole's original post "Do You Have a Bucket List?"

And here are a few things that are on my list of things to accomplish (in no particular order, and some of them are really 2 or 3 things in one!)...

1. Become the best singer I can be
(and support myself and my family simply by doing my craft)
2. Have one of the best trained dogs in the world! (Hey, you can dream, right?)
3. Travel the world and learn as much as I can from those I meet
4. Help Give Life grow into the project we have envisioned... the vision "to give help, to give hope, and to Give Life to those that are in desperate need."
5. See and love my husband the way I did when we first fell in love by the water's edge and when I walked toward him under tree canopies on our wedding day
6. Learn Spanish, French and Italian (and you can throw in ten more languages too!)
7. Create, create, create... to imagine life and imagine love! Inspired by the Creator.
8. Cultivate a family that is close, honest, passionate,
and deeply in love with Jesus and each other...
9. Learn to play the piano, guitar, and master my ukulele
10. To live the rest of my life fully content with the gifts God has given me

Here's a cute Fall Bucket List!

Anyone have any in common? What's on your Bucket List?


  1. this is so sweet! I love the fall bucket list, too, and the way you designed it.

  2. Thanks Mandee! And I love the adorable Fall Bucket List too! I found it on Pinterest (my new obsession!) ... here's the link:


    It's a printable too! Enjoy!! :)