The Timothy Initiative

Hi Friends:)

I really want to share with you about this awesome organization called

Kae and I go to Grace Fellowship in West Palm Beach.
Pastor..ehem... Dr. David Nelms is deeply invested in church planting through TTI.
Ryan and I recently started supporting the organization as well.
They church plant in Asia, Africa and the America's.
See here for some info about them.

I just L.O.V.E. the fact that Grace spends so much time, effort and money into planting churches around the world and equipping pastors of all tongues and ethnicity.
Kinda seems to be a rare quality in churches today in my opinion.. Sad
Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the education:)

Almost the weekend my friends..
I can feel it..

 P.S. Yours truly is now advertising on this super fun blog.
Wish us luck!

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