My Mom

as we are coming up on mother's day, what better time is it than now to take a few moments and praise the amazing woman that is my mom. 
and also, it's a great time to offer : 

FREE SHIPPING on all orders!
starting today until sunday, may 8th
(which is Mother's Day for those of you who may forget)

Mom at brother's BT graduation, Texas

my mom is full of love. pure and simple.
she's been through hard times.
but she has persevered and is stronger than ever
and i want to tell you the top 10 things i love about her.
(in no specific order)

1. her infectious & loud laugh. it just makes your day and you find yourself laughing with her.
2. her love for Jesus.
3. when she calls me "coley cucumber".
4. how easy it is to make her laugh (then point #1 follows)
5. how she so intensely loves her family and others.
6. the fact she always sends me cards for every occasion. sometimes more than one.
7. that there are always fresh flowers in my room when i come to visit.
8. she really really does pray for me everyday.
9. her servant heart.
10. her funny sayings and voices like "Spit-on-ya!" or "I rectum!" or "Grapefruit!" (to try and ruin your sneeze)

i hope you all take the time to celebrate your moms this week :)


Wish I Was Here Wednesday


Olivia from For Me, who did a fun contest for us not too long ago, does this post every week.
 I love the idea of it. . . . it's the middle of the week and sometimes you need a to let your mind escape to a better place to get you to the weekend.

I want to play.

It's almost May which reminds me how this time last year Ryan and I were about to go to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary.
It is the most picturesque place and we went to every JAWS filming site. 

Where do you wish you were? We'd love to hear!
Click the button below to be taken away into dreamland.


twigs & honey

So I stumbled upon this little treasure... twigs & honey.
twigs & honey has the most beautiful bridal hair adornments. Each design is whimsical and romantic with a hint of vintage flair.

These beautiful accessories make me dream... I imagine myself in a soft, flowing gown standing under oak trees dressed in Spanish moss with the love of my life, my darling husband... with of course the most  beautiful twigs & honey hair design propped ever-delicately atop my head...
Not only does twigs & honey create beautiful accessories, they also have a fragrance collection as well, which I'm eager to catch a scent.
You can learn more about twigs & honey here and you can follow their blog as well!
If you are planning a wedding, indulge... if not, dream along. 

Feel the love.
sea lillie

Drumroll please!

The Spring Sale has been extended! 
*until supplies last.

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Feel the love.



Spring has sprung.

The secret is out:
We are having a Spring Cleaning sale!

We will soon have new designs to share.
Out with the old, in with the new!

With that being said, 
we need your help to make room for our new beauties!
please enjoy 30% off of our entire shop.

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April 8th- April 17th

We have some pretty lil' pieces 
that are dying to add some flair to your spring wardrobe 
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Happy Spring!


Spring forward... anthro-style (plus a little secret!)

It is officially April. Spring has ruffled its feathers and has decided to stay for a bit. And what comes to mind other than Spring Cleaning... Easter, bouquets of yummy-smelling blooms, charming bunnies with fluffy tails... and of course the beautiful spring collection from Anthropologie!

Just got the new spring catalog in the mail and jumped online to check out the full collection. 
Nothing wrong with a little "window shopping."

Some of my favorites...
Anthropologie April 2011

Have you found something that you've been oodling this spring? Perhaps a pair of shoes, a new novel, a lovely flower to add to your garden? Think fresh. Think clean. Think spring!

Perhaps maybe even a delightful design by Sea Lillie? 

Little Secret... with all this Spring Cleaning, there is soon to be a stupendous Sea Lillie SALE! But you'll have to wait one more day for all the details. Can you stand the suspense?