Thoughtful Things

I have been thinking a lot about thoughtfulness lately... thanks to my grandma. She is probably the most thoughtful person I have ever met. She is always thinking of others, whether she knows them very well or not; and she gives freely from her generous heart. My grandma has a good outlook on life and her perspective on people - seeing the good, the pretty, the potential and understanding weaknesses, pain and shortcomings - is refreshing and inspiring. She has taught me the virtue of thoughtfulness, of sharing love and reminding people how important they are. So I decided to come up with a couple of ideas to show people that you are thinking of them and that you care about them...

Send someone a little note... whether it be encouraging, romantic, or just plain-silly!

Ice Cream Letterpress Enclosure Card
Ice Cream Letterpress Enclosure Card by greengrasspress

Offer your maid services to someone... free of charge! Chores can be daunting, and often I procrastinate until I can't take it anymore. But the tasks do seem to be finished in a snap when my helpful hubby chips in!

Natural Sachets for Dryer Clothes Drawers Closets Camping Pillow Sheets Upcycled from tShirt Material SET of THREE
Recycled Natural Dryer Sachets by zJayne

Get to Bakin'! Bake some sweets and deliver them to someone who might not be feeling the love... an elderly neighbor or perhaps a friend you haven't seen in a while?

All Natural Ginger Spice Cupcake Mix
All Natural Ginger Spice Cupcake Mix by cupcakemixfavors

Be adventurous! Go on a hike, take a canoe ride, stroll in the park and enjoy a picnic... and take someone who really means a lot to you... your hubby, your parents, your sister, your friends.

Summer Evening, 8x10 fine art print
Summer Evening Print by aVeryStory

Think of a teacher! School is about to start up again and what better way to start the year off then with a thankful gift to a teacher!

Eve Necklace in Gold - 16k Gold Apple
Eve Necklace in 16k Gold by Sea Lillie

Make a donation to a worthy cause. There are many people hurting in the world, and thankfully, there are those who are doing something about it.

Give Life (Become a Facebook Fan!)

Grow a green thumb! Plant some flowers in your grandma's garden or offer your neighbor to mow their lawn while you're mowing yours.

Retro Lawn Chair
Retro Lawn Chair by oldcrowfarm

Treat someone to lunch. You can do this whether you can afford to take someone to a lovely restaurant or whether you want to pack a lunch and take a friend to the beach!

Reusable Snack Bag - Choose from 30 Canvas Colors - Choose Stencil Icon
Resuable Snack Bag by TheCanvasLoft

Make something for someone. Get creative and think outside the box!

Embroidery Pattern PDF with Tea Towel Sewing Instructions- Birdy Lullaby
Birdy Lullaby Embroidery DIY Pattern by thesplitstitch

Tell someone that you love them. Let them know what they mean to you. You don't have to spend lots of money on gifts, or even rehearse eloquent speeches; it's not about those things- fancy possessions and expressive words. Just share what's on your heart. We are on borrowed time, and we never know how much of it we have left.

And a word to the wise... hope, don't expect, that others will be thoughtful or appreciate what you do. That's one thing I learned from Grandma. Always think of others. Always sacrifice for others. Always love others. Be generous and give from your heart. And expect nothing in return. Read Luke 6:35, Romans 12:13, 2 Corinthians 9:11.

I'd love to hear from you! What are some thoughtful things you do to let people know they're loved? What are some things that people have done for you that made you feel special? Please share! :)

Be inspired. Feel the love.


  1. What a well thought list of ideas and sharing. Lovely as can be. Thank you~


  2. I have been the recipient of your grandmother's thoughtfulness: she made me a wonderful card for Father's Day. I was pleasantly surprised, and this lady doesn't know me that well! And you are doing a good job of following in your mentor's footsteps.

  3. Thank-you so much for sharing my Birdy Lullaby Embroidery pattern, this is a very lovely post you have put together ... and your blog is beautiful as well.

    Hugs, Sara @ thesplitstitch.com