Weekly Gratitude

It's that time again. . .

1. Family = Built in support team
Just a few of the many people I am blessed to call family:
Photo courtesy of Aby Nelms

2. God's gift of healing and restoration in many relationships.
See why here.

3. Preface: I work in Homeowner's Insurance in south Florida. Can you just imagine what this week would have been like at work?!?! I am thankful that the hurricane did not hit us, but am fully aware it is on path that will affect thousands. Let us pray.

How this did not hit Florida, only the Lord knows.

4. The many people in my life who continually love me for who I am and have patience with me. Specifically my sweet Ryan.

5. My lil bro, John Michael, and his wife of 6-months live on Luke AFB as he is currently serving as Crew Chief in the Air Force. Last night he called to say he has been ordered to Osan AFB in Korea. 
He is excited and I am, too! What an opportunity! :)

Oct 2009: San Antonio, TX
Ain't he just the cutest?

How was y'alls week?
Happy Sunday, friends.
xoxo Nicole

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